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Oxfordshire, like many other counties in the UK in recent years, has seen a fair increase in the demand for roof cleaning services. Unfortunately, finding a reputable and experienced roof cleaning contractor in  Oxfordshire can be quite challenging.

It is important to choose a roof cleaning company that has completed a number of roof cleaning projects in Oxford or one of the surrounding towns such as Abingdon, Banbury or Chipping Norton. Most reputable roof repair and roof coating companies that operate around Oxfordshire will always provide FREE roof surveys and no obligation written quotes. They will also advise you on roof sealing or roof coating, depending on your preference.

For homeowners inOxfordshire looking around for a FREE roof cleaning quotation please call 0800 849 9498. We can also arrange roof cleaning quotes if you complete our online enquiry form. We can also arrange roof repairs for homeowners in Oxford, Abingdon, Witney, Banbury, Chipping Norton and Henley on Thames.


• A non-porous seal is created which makes it more difficult for moss to grow.

• Original colours of roof tiles are enhanced.

• Damaging UV rays from direct sunlight is filtered out.

• Roof tiles can 'flex' in all weather conditions, which helps prevent them breaking.

• Coating or sealing a roof can add a lot of value to a house or bungalow.

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1. A comprehensive pre-treatment of moss covered roof tiles with a fast acting anti-fungicide. This should eradicate any problematic moss or lichen spores that can take a firm hold on roof tiles.

2. Pressure clean thoroughly with high powered roof cleaning equipment to ensure a 'dust free' and 'dirt free' before roof sealing or roof coating can commence.

3. Undertake any minor roof repairs to ensure the roof will look as good as new.

4. Added protection to your roof is provided by coating your roof with a quality coloured roof coating or a clear roof sealer from Smartseal.

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The method of access to your roof is vital and this will have been discussed at the initial quotation stage. Getting up and down from your roof can involve the erection of a temporary scaffold which will have already been arranged or a tower system, traditional roofing ladders or for aged properties or those with delicate clay tiles or slates then a cherry picker maybe the most appropriate method to safely carry out the roof cleaning. Find Out More
Our professional database of roof repairers and roof cleaners for Oxfordshire covers most of the major towns and villages such as Oxford, Abingdon, Witney, Banbury, Chipping Norton and Henley on Thames.
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